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On my artistic journey, I've discovered a deep connection to the world of film. The allure of storytelling, the art of narration, and the visual interplay of light and shadow in moving images hold a unique and powerful attraction for me. My love for film goes beyond mere fascination; it's a genuine commitment. I am equally obsessed with the process of creating it, as I am by experiencing it. I work hard at crafting my own narratives that aim to stir emotions through my writing and seize fleeting moments with my camera lens. The world of cinema has shaped my creative perspective, and deeply influences my path in motion design.


ArtCenter College of Design
Graphic Design focus in motion & branding


(05/2023 – 08/2023)
Motion Design Intern
Imaginary Forces
(05/2021 – 07/2021)
Freelance Editorial Designer
Blossom Art Home Furnishing
(09/2020 – 10/2020)
Advertising Design Intern
GOME Electrical Appliances
(01/2020 – 02/2020)
Graphic Design&Teaching Assistant Intern
Helen O'Grady Children's Theatre Institute


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